Formerly Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan

Hospitals and Health Systems

When you discharge a patient, you want to see them thrive and avoid further trips to the ER or readmissions. The experts from Centrica Care Navigators can provide vital support at home to keep patients where they prefer to be.

Reduce readmissions

By collaborating with Centrica Care Navigators, your discharge plan of care can be sustained at the patient’s home – helping to prevent or reduce hospital admissions, readmissions and related reimbursement penalties.

Discover how Centrica Palliative Care can manage symptoms at home before the final six months of life.

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Improve follow-up care

The team from Centrica Care Navigators can be your eyes, ears and hands wherever the patient calls home. Our experts not only keep symptoms under control, we also monitor ongoing conditions for early interventions.

Increase performance scores

Patient satisfaction and other performance measures are growing in importance for provider preference and reimbursement. Support from Centrica Care Navigators can help improve patient opinions in important surveys such as HCAHPS, especially on topics such as pain management and transition of care.